You need an Inslip®

You need an Inslip®

Securely hold your phones and tablets with Inslip®. While talking, texting, taking selfies, watching videos, Inslip® has a lot to offer. It connects your device to your hand with glove-like tension, and retracts completely flat. Inslip® prevents your device from sliding on any surface (except for colors). Inslip® works great on cases as well as the device itself. Three sizes fit any phone!

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BeneFits Of Using Inslip

  • Non-slip

    Its non-slip function prevents your device from sliding on any surface. This only comes in black though...

  • Durable

    Inslip® is very durable withstanding over 40 lbs of pulling force!

  • Security

    Take away the fear of dropping your device, Get a Grip, with Inslip®.


Is Inslip® Durable?

Yes, We have tested the durability of Inslip® and found that it can withstand up to 40 lbs of pulling force. Check out out video here and on YouTube. The surface of Inslip® receives the most abrasion, in and out of pockets. That caused us to change to Cellskin, same antislip feature, less wear!

Will Inslip® adhere to my phone's case?

Yes, Inslip® work's on Cases, Phones, And tablets. Inslip® will NOT adhere to silicon, if your case has exposed silicon. all other plastics, it works unexpectedly well!

Do you offer a warrantee?

Yes, 90-day manufacturing defect and satisfaction guarantee. Send a picture of the failure, we will honor most all requests!

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