5 Budget-Friendly Gifts for Grads

The day has finally come! Donned in their cap and gown, it’s the day they’ve been waiting for, the day they receive the validation of all their hard work; Graduation Day.

Graduating, whether it be from High School or College, is an accomplishment worthy of celebration and one that deserves more than a diploma. We’re talking gifts, but not just any gift will do. That’s why we’ve gathered five trending and budget-friendly gifts your grad is guaranteed to love.

Subscription Boxes



Every month can be Christmas for your grad when you get them a monthly subscription to one of the multitude of subscriptions boxes out there. From curated clothing to collectibles, you can choose a subscription box tailored to your grad’s personality!





Boxes such as Stitch Fix, starting as low as $20, and Five Four Club, starting at $60, will send a new outfit every month from an actual stylist to your grad. Most likely on a budget, your grad will totally appreciate new threads to accompany their next stage in life.


Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot, priced as low as $49, also known as Alexa, is a small personal assistant straight out of the pages of a science fiction novel. Mom and Dad, your grad is going to need to survive without you, make the transition easier with Alexa.



It can play your grads favorite study playlist from Spotify, order pizza from Domino’s, hail rides from Uber, and most importantly, schedule appointments.



Your grad is going to need all the organization help they can get. With copious amounts of notes, business cards, and résumés to hand out, their hands will be entirely too full.

The HidInslip, only $24, will help keep all your grads valuables – credit and debit cards, student IDs, headphones and more, safe on the back of their phone!

Instead of having to always reach for a bulky wallet, or keeping cash in their pocket that could easily fall out, your grad will save time and stress by having what they need attached to their phone, which let’s face it, is always attached to their hand.


Not only does the HidInslip keep valuables protected, it greatly reduces the risk of your grad dropping their phone. And let’s be honest, who wants to spend $100-$150 on fixing a cracked screen?

The HidInslip fits any smartphone with at least 127 mm (5 in.) of free space on the device.

Virtual Reality Headset

You may be thinking, “A virtual reality set? I thought this was a list of budget-friendly gift!” Well, believe or not VR headsets are very reasonable in price, some as low as $20.  Be the person who gifts their grad permission to have more fun. With options to fully immerse themselves into a completely different world, your grad will forget all about the stresses of life and have time to recharge.

 You can find VR headsets on Amazon compatible with most mobile phones.


Tile Location Tracker

It’s inevitable: your grad is going to lose their keys or wallet at some point. We’re all human, and occasionally, we leave our valuables at restaurants, a friend’s house, or they slip out of our pockets on the street.

Reduce the chance of your grads valuables being lost forever with a location tracker. Using the Tile attached to their phone, our grad can easily find their misplaced items in no time. The Tile syncs to an app on their phone they can sync important items and program the Tile to ring when the item has gone missing.


Well there you have it, five on-trend gifts your grad will love and that won’t break the bank. A big accomplishment calls for celebration, and with anyone of these gifts your grad is sure to feel like they can take on whatever may come in this next stage of their life.


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