5 Ways To Use Inslip

When we created Inslip, our main vision was to improve device interaction and prevent phone screens from cracking. These days, it cost nearly $150 to replace a broken screen! 

As we continued the design process, we realized all the amazing things you could do with the Inslip. With just one Inslip phone strap, you get the multitasking power you've been wanting while securely holding your phone in place. 

Here are five ways you can use Inslip to get the most out of your mobile phone or tablet! Once you've read them, please post the ways you Inslip below! 


1. Navigating The Open Roads

Navigating in your vehicle can sometimes be difficult, but most importantly, dangerous. You don't have time to keep looking down to see where your next turn will be. By placing your Inslip around your rear-view mirror, you can keep looking ahead while you navigate that roadtrip you've been wanting to take. Also, it'll keep you from texting and driving, which is always a plus. 


2. Creating DIY Kickstands

We live in age where we watch all videos and television shows right on our phones. But holding your phone for an extended period of time while you watch your favorite comedy can get exhausting. With Inslip, you can create a DIY kickstand out of anything, like this delicious bottle of beer, for example. 


3. Protecting Your Phone From Going Overboard

Things can easily go awry while you're boating, especially watching your phone slip between the waves after dropping it. Inslip on your phone will secure it to your hand while allowing you to navigate the high seas! Now you don't have to worry about diving in to catch it!


4. Holding Your Phone While Cycling

When you're riding your bike, you don't want to have to worry about fumbling around with your phone while trying to hold on to handlebars. You want to listen to music or navigate easily, right? By slipping on your Inslip, you can easily hold on to handlebars. Changing the next song or seeing where your next turn should be is a breeze! 


5. Taking the Perfect Photo/Selfie

Sometimes, holding a phone while taking a picture can be awkward. You see an amazing sight, but you the angle of your phone just isn't capturing the vision you see in front of you. Inslip provides a comfortable and firm grip to reduce camera shakiness and capture. 


While these are only five ways you to use Inslip, there are hundreds more. We love seeing the creativity of Inslip fans and how they make their lives easier with a simple phone strap. Inslip away! 


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