Boo-tiful Halloween Tips from Inslip!

Bring out your boos, witches brooms, pumpkins, and cavities—Halloween is almost here!

Are you and your squad planning to take the ultimate #SquadGhouls Halloween selfie this year? Inslip has a spell for you to make this happen so start warming up your cauldron!



BEWARE—this might spook you when you see how well it works…

  1. 3 dashes of discreetness
  2. 2 dashes of affordability
  3. 4 dashes of durability
  4. 1 dash of effortless

Did we just hear you ask, “But Inslip, what does this recipe make?” 

Great question, future customer! A HIDINSLIP!

The HidInslip ($24.99) is a mobile device strap that discretely holds credit cards, cash, car keys, ear buds, and more! Strong, durable, useful, affordable, and minimalist, HidInslip can be attached to devices with or without a case, and will fit on any device or tablet! It’s also effortless- the strap is easy to install and remove and available at and Amazon.


First things first during the Halloween planning phase. You need to focus on the outfit, not how you will fit your purse full of valuables into the costume equation. Not everyone can be Mary Poppins!


  • Trying to be a cheetah? Let’s be honest, what cheetah do you know carries a purse?
  • Hoping to pull-off your onesie costume? Just remember they don’t have pockets for your valuables and they also don’t have shoes attached. You need shoes, this isn’t a real slumber party.

Carrying a bag to your Halloween party might ruin your costume so why not hide it all in your pocket using one simple, affordable device? Don’t waste all your hard work on your costume! 


We’ve all been spooked when we drop our phone. The feeling of checking to see if it cracked has become a universal emotion. Take away that pain and just slip your hand through your HidInslip! Your hands might get slippery from all the slobbery gobblins you meet, so prevent yourself from dropping your phone into any boos with the HidInslip! You need your phone for selfie time.


Now that you have your costume (with no purse or full pockets) in order, it’s time to take the ultimate selfie with your ghoul friends that you’ve been waiting for all season. Good thing you already have the perfect device to take it with! For selfie tips check out our recent blog post.



We could keep going with more HidInslip Halloween tips, but our carriage is about to turn into a pumpkin and we were really only here for the boos anyway. Did we say boos again?



This spell is intended to make your selfies and costume look flawless. By reading this post you understand this is not a trick to poison your apple. We’re not witchy!


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