Color Inslip!

Hi Everyone,

Starting out, the first Inslips were colored neoprene. Many different colors are available, we can get material in a week, we made hundreds as test samples. During the search for ideal materials, we came to Cellskin and Sharkskin, which are only black, but the non-slip feature was the determining factor in making it the launch product.

Now with the almost 3000 Kickstarter backers and 8000 products delivered, a large inventory of Cellskin Inslips and Sharkskin HidInslips, we have started exploring colors again. We started slowly, simply adding variants to the Inslip ordering page with no fanfare, and you guys have been ordering them! In the near future, we will have the fanfare and launch the color Inslip. There are two kinds to take note of.

The straight up color neoprene is a cloth outer lining and does not have any nonslip characteristics.

We are near getting color neoprene with a silicon print pattern that adds the nonslip feature. This will be a game changer we believe.

Stay tuned because there is also another world of prints and multiple colors, and opportunities to print anything on your Inslip! 

There is lots going on as we start the retail side of Inslip. Kickstarter showed there was a need and a demand, now we are making the business and delivery side a fine tuned machine. Thanks for your support!



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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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