Declutter Your Lifestyle with HidInslip

Whether you’re going out to brunch with friends and family, hitting the bar scene at night or cheering on your favorite sports team from the stands, you never leave for these events without your phone, keys and wallet. For some, it’s often difficult deciding what kind of purse you’ll need to fit all of your belongings. They think, “Is this a clutch kind of event or full tote situation?” Others have the pocket rule—keys in the left, phone in the right, wallet in the back. However, the wallet in the back pocket is not a seat cushion and certainly not comfortable!

HidInslip, a hidden minimalist wallet that attaches to the back of your phone, makes your active lifestyle one step easier and more enjoyable. You’ll not only have all of your valuable items hidden discreetly in one location, you will also never have FOMO (fear of missing out) because you spent the past 5 minutes digging in your purse/pockets to find your wallet. It will all be right there! HidInslip allows you to be in the present, and cheer on your favorite team or dance at the club without worry.

Running out of the house quickly and not enough time to check that you have everything in your bag or pocket? As long as you have your phone, you’re safe with HidInslip! You will be more organized, and effective—with extra time for an active lifestyle.

Changing your work bag to your weekend day bag then night clutch can be a hassle—especially when you change often! HidInslip will ease the switch with a few less items to transfer each time. This should take a few minutes off of your purse transfer time, and add more time for fun with friends.

It’s interesting that a small gadget can improve your lifestyle. Take a moment to think about how long it takes you to pick out your outfit for the day, including accessories.

According to a 2016 research study by London-based retailer Mark & Spencer, an average male spends 13 minutes each day picking out their wardrobe which amounts to 3 days per year or three months total during their working life. An average female spends 17 minutes each day, amounting in 4 days per year or four months total during their working life.

“Get a grip” on your life, and use HidInslip—you’ll spend fewer days per year, or even months total than the average because it’s one less item to worry about fitting in your bag. We’d hate to see you waste a day of your life changing your outfit a few times because you can’t fit your keys, wallet and phone in the bag that matches or you’re wearing pocket-less pants!


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