How to check off your 2018 resolutions with Inslip

Is your Instagram feed full of lifestyle images with captions, “New Year, New Me”?

It’s that time of year—New Year’s Resolution season.

As you read this, many people are cashing in their holiday bonuses for overprice gym memberships, throwing away wine bottles for sober January, and filling up their fridges with whole foods for the Whole 30 challenge.


**To be clear, the Whole 30 challenge doesn’t mean you just eat 30 types of whole foods.***

Once you purchase an Inslip and HidInslip, the grip will always have your back (of your phone). So, to help those succeed in their 2018 resolutions, we’ve created three ways an Inslip and HidInslip can achieve their goal!

1. Create a hands-free workout routine

When you're running on the treadmill, you don't want to have to worry about fumbling around with your phone while trying to not fall off the speedy machine. You want to listen to music and let the time of your workout fly by. By slipping on your Inslip, you can easily run hands free! Changing the next song or seeing the cutie next to you without falling off should be a breeze! 

 Bonus—you can even take the perfect “New Year, New Me” selfie with no fear of dropping your phone while running on the treadmill!

2. Store your credit cards in one place so you won’t make any extra purchases

For those who haven’t memorized their credit card numbers, storing your cards in one place will help keep you on track with your limited-transaction resolution. Ever heard of the saying, “you always want what you can’t have”? Well, if hide your valuables in various locations, you’ll always be wanting to know where they are! If you know where the cards are, and know that they’re safe, you’re less likely to use it. This is your lucky day, because HidInslip can discreetly store your valuables safely!

Bonus—it will be on the back of your phone so if you do need to use your emergency card, you’ll always have it.

3. Carry your healthy groceries without dropping your phone

Have you ever left the grocery store with more plastic bags than you can count on your fingers?  By slipping on your Inslip or HidInslip, you can have extra free space to carry more bags. What’s worse than spending a chunk of money on healthy groceries? Dropping your phone while leaving the grocery and using the rest of your monthly grocery budget to repair it.

Save yourself some time and money. Eat healthy, and be smart about how you get your healthy foods home—get a grip!



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