How to Install or Remove Your Newly Purchased Inslip

Did you just get an Inslip or HidInslip, and you want to be 100% its secure as possible on the back of your phone, tablet, or device case?

Here’s a step-by-step guide with exact details on how to securely install your newly purchased Inslip!

Inslips can be installed on the back of iPhones, Android phones, tablets, or device cases. If you want to remove your Inslip to put on another phone or phone case, we also have tips on how to remove the Inslip.

How to Install Your Inslip:

Step 1. Open alcohol wipes packet. 


Step 2. Wipe the back of your phone or phone case where you will be placing the two Inslip anchors (thin metal strips on both ends of Inslip).


Step 3. Remove high bond adhesive backing on Inslip anchor.


Step 4. Carefully align and place first anchor near the bottom of your mobile device. 


Step 5. Remove the other high bond adhesive backing on the other Inslip anchor. 


Step 6. Press for 30 seconds. 


Step 7. Then stretch the Inslip to 1/4" (6 mm), or to desired tension to the top of your phone or tablet. This step is important! You want to make using the Inslip as comfortable as possible. 


Step 8. Carefully place the other Inslip anchor at the top of your phone. 


Step 9. Press both anchors down for one minute. 


Step 10. Enjoy your new Inslip! 


How to Remove Your Inslip:

Step 1. Use a crescent wrench (9/16" or 14mm wrench should also work).


Step 2. Tighten the wrench and twist both Inslip anchors.


Step 3. Clean remaining residue with alcohol wipes. 


And there you have it! You're ready to go out and explore with your new Inslip. If you have any questions about Inslip installation, feel free to leave comments below! 


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