How to Take a Selfie Like a Pro

Have you had trouble getting the perfect selfie to post on your social accounts recently? Is it because of bad lighting, or maybe just the angle?

Selfie attempts can have positive or negative results. For some, the cell phone may slip out of their hands and result in a photo of the ground or even land in the toilet at their local bar. For others, the cell phone is held in the perfect angle to get an effect that will make your face not only glisten in the image, but also make you look just a few pounds lighter in the cheeks. 

Solve your selfie troubles with Inslip—an elastic strap that securely attaches to ANY phone, case, and tablet. With Inslip, you can always have the perfect selfie and never worry about the many outtakes and replacement phones (looking at you, iPhone droppers!) you have to use to get the image. Additionally, you can be sitting on an immobile bike and still look like you’re living an active lifestyle. Can’t get better than that!

To begin your selfie pro-course with Inslip, first slip your hand through the strap to curate the perfect angle for your phone. You will have the security of knowing it will never fall off your fingers. Be sure to tilt your head slightly to highlight your cheekbones and brighten your eyes.

Location plays a key role for selfies so find a spot with great lighting or background to create a fun vibe. Fall scenery is always a crowd favorite and will guarantee more Instagram and Facebook likes.

Selfies are a fun way to show the world who you really are so don’t be uptight in your pictures. Smile, laugh, stick your tongue out—you do you!

Now that you’re a pro-selfie taker, go out and grab your friends, head to your picturesque location and start snapping away with your Inslip.

Bonus DIY tip-- slip the strap onto a sturdy item to be completely hands-free. Can’t go wrong with a Stella!



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