How to use a HidInslip in the winter

Brrr… the cold season is back and stronger than ever. With record-breaking temperatures, the winter season is really making a statement!


We’ve curated three ways to use HidInslip this winter that will keep you from wanting to go into hibernation.

1. Stuff a hand warmer inside the HidInslip for extra warmth on your hands

Strong and durable, this hot (literally) grip can help fight the cold weather! Stuff a hand warmer inside of your HidInslip and you’ll have your own personal heater on your hand. This pro-tip will allow you to be hands free while you warm up! The best part—you won’t have to share the hand warmer with your friends because it will be discreetly hidden in your HidInslip!

Another Pro Tip —buy two and you’ll have one for each hand! Use our 15% off discount code at checkout until January 31. Code: NewYear2018

NOTE: We do not recommend leaving the warming pad in the HidInslip next to your phone for extended periods of time. This might cause problems with your phone, but as long as your hand is between the phone and the heating pad, especially on a cold day, you should be fine.

2. Use HidInslip to keep your hands free during a snowball fight

Snowball fights aren’t just for kids. They are for adults too! Why miss out on the fun or the perfect snapchat opportunity all because your hands are full? HidInslip will free up your hands so you can be a lean, mean snowball pitching machine! You’ll also get a perfect snowball fight selfie that won’t risk your phone dropping in the wet snow!

Bonus—you can use the HidInslip as a shield from snowballs! Your phone won’t get hurt in the process either. HidInslip has your back!



 3. You can quickly purchase items without have to take your gloves off

In a hurry at the checkout line of the store that is notoriously slow? Save time by using a HidInslip! Instead of having to take your gloves off, find your wallet, pay, put your wallet back, find your gloves, and put them back on—save 10 minutes of your day and just pull out your card in your HidInslip. Secure and discreet, the minimalist wallet won’t waste your time. Get a grip, you have a life to live!

Now that you have three reasons to get you out of hibernation—get out there and have fun in the cold! Bundle up!




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