"Ideas" to "Dreams Come True"

Too many years ago, as a 8 year old, I ran across a flashlight with intense curiosity. I quickly disassembled it, later regretting it - judging by my fathers angry disdain, to find where the "white stuff was" that I could see coming out of the lens.

Such began a character trait I carry to this day, the need to understand things, how to invent them, and how to make things useful to the world. With several successes under my belt, I eventually bought an iPhone and was dismayed when I dropped this useful and expensive tool, believing there was a better way to secure it to my hand. 

Inslip was the result; strong but comfortable, not detracting, but absolutely useful. As with most of my ideas, I ran the idea to the kids, Jeremy (my son), said this is a perfect Kickstarter project. Now with two successful campaigns, Inslip is available online. 

Getting from an idea to a packaged product, inventoried, to simply a click away, takes time, tenacity, character, and money. Each step is a new learning experience with varying degrees of necessary education, and even with focus and planning, is still fraught with pitfalls. Perseverance is the core of success, vital when the hour turns to 4 AM and I am trying to get a problem solved, coming near the brink of quitting, but then the sun rises, the new opportunity twinkles an eye my way, a sunburst of knowing the idea is a good one by the feedback; it keeps me going.

There is no greater joy than watching expressions from my friends and acquaintances as they apply their first Inslip, then upon getting a new phone or case, calling in need of another as they became addicted to its security and comfort.

Now there is a chance to blog about a startup and chronicle significant events, relate my experience and hopefully address your curiosity enough to read about the travails and triumphs going forward. 

I am humbled by the experience of thousands of voices, an immense chorus of people who have purchased an Inslip and recommended it to their peers, family, and friends. I want to say thank you for believing in Inslip through our learning curves. 

Now that the new website is up and running, I saw that it had a blog capability and thought I would show you a little of who I am and how this process is going from time to time. I write for my industry, I have written a novel (The Pool Manager - available on Amazon), writing for this experience was just laid out ahead of me and I thought I would commit to it and provide the chance to share what I have learned with anyone who has read this far.

Thanks, until next time.



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