Memphis Native John Koshak Invents Inslip, a New Strap for Mobile Devices Providing Security and Hands-Free Operation




Memphis Native John Koshak Invents Inslip, a New Strap for Mobile Devices Providing Security and Hands-Free Operation


Memphis-Based Startup Launches Sales of Innovative Strap for Phone or Tablet

After Successful Kickstarter Campaign


Memphis, Tenn., April 19, 2017 – Memphis native John Koshak’s invention, a mobile device strap called Inslip, is blazing into the handheld accessory market solving the problem of drops and slips to expensive mobile devices, while still allowing the user to remain virtually hands-free. Designed for people on-the-go, Inslip is strong and durable and can be attached to devices with or without a case. The Inslip and HidInslip, which offers a pocket for credit cards, cash, and earbuds among other things, are available on the company’s website and for only $14.99 and $24.99, respectively. Negotiations to offer Inslip and HidInslip at retail locations are underway as well.  


 “I am so excited to be able to bring Inslip, the simple, affordable phone and tablet strap, to the general public,” said John Koshak, Inslip inventor. “It has been a long process, but we have many different options for colors and now even the HidInslip to hold valuables. The feedback we have received from customers has been tremendous.”


The idea for Inslip came after Koshak dropped his new phone, cracking the glass. Looking around his home office, Koshak found an old neoprene knee brace and soon had a prototype for the first Inslip device – an affordable, simple to use strap that secured his phone to his hand, but left his hands free. Inslip can also be used as a hands-free kickstand for devices by simply putting a household object under the strap.


After seeing the initial design, Koshak’s son, Jeremy, talked his dad into launching a Kickstarter campaign, which became fully funded with 1,300 Inslip and 712 HidInslip backers in barely two months. Inslip and HidInslip are great for left or right-hand users, come in a variety of colors, can be custom designed with logos, and are slip-proof on most surfaces. The original Kickstarter video showing the many different uses of Inslip can be viewed on or via this link:


Inslip Manufacturing can be found online at:


About Inslip:

Inslip is a Memphis-based startup that developed an all-purpose phone and tablet strap. The company got its start through crowdfunding on Kickstarter. John Koshak designed the product to meet consumer demand for a mobile device strap that wouldn’t tear, is easy to install and remove, fits any device, and allows users to be practically hands-free.




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