Sleigh the holidays with last minute gifts from Inslip!

Outside the snow is falling and your friends are calling "yoo hoo"
Come on, it's lovely weather for an Instagram #elfie with your crew.
Giddy yap, giddy yap, giddy yap,
It's grand, just holding the HidInslip grip in your hand…


Most of us have experienced that scary moment where we realize we forgot to get one last gift for the holidays.

For those who haven’t experienced this moment, good for you for staying organized!


However, to understand the scary feeling, it is best to refer to the classic holiday movie Jingle All The Way (Have you wondered where the cast is now? EW recently released it.).

As EW accurately describes the synopsis of the movie, “It's a classic plot: Parent forgets to buy a super-popular toy for their kid and must scramble on Christmas Eve to find said toy and prove that his child is, in fact, still loved. From feuding dads to slimy neighbors and shady mall Santas, Jingle All the Way […] has become something of a cherished holiday classic over twenty years later.”

We don’t want you to be scrambling like the guys above over the holidays for gifts. We want you to be enjoying the holiday season with your friends, family and netflix!

The Inslip ($14.99) and HidInslip ($24.99) are mobile device straps that solve the problem of drops and slips to expensive devices, while still allowing the user to remain virtually hands-free. Perfect for #elfie takers, multitaskers, holiday travelers and those with an active lifestyle!

At these prices you should buy 3 or 4 to have on hand in the event you do forget someone on your list! 

Both products fit on any device or tablet, are affordable, and easy to install and remove.


The best part? Inslip is offering FREE SHIPPING (only valid for shipping in Continental United States) throughout December!

You can easily order exciting last-minute gifts at and save $$$!

At checkout, use code: SLEIGHSHIP17


So, put up your feet, relax, and laugh at the guys fighting for toys in Jingle All The Way. You’re done shopping for the holidays. In fact, you sleighed the holiday season altogether, on time.





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