Utilizing HidInslip at Tailgates

The history of tailgating is hard to trace back. There have been many theories on the first tailgate, such as the first documentation of tailgating dates back to the Civil War, the first-time football fans tailgated was outside the stadium before a game in 1869 at the first game between Princeton University and Rutgers, and the modern tailgate was invented in the early 20th century at Yale. 


Just as early tailgaters reportedly ate fish and sausages at their tailgates in 1869, food is a common focus today as well as family, friends, team spirit and well, food. We said food twice because it’s so true. Can you smell that juicy burger sizzling on the grill?



 As you begin firing up your grills and working on your tailgating schedule for the season ahead, have you considered how you’re going to carry your most valuable items along with all the food and fixins? With HidInslip, a hidden wallet that easily attaches to the back of your phone, you won’t need to worry about how to carry all of your prized possessions, coolers, bags, chips, drinks… and holding something heavy in your hand or on your shoulder.

For those who hate to stuff their pocket or bring their purse to a football game and just need their money, keys and phone—this is a GREAT accessory. Don’t let the purse strap drag you down during your tailgate when everything you need could be safely hidden in your phone and pocket. 

Not only does the HidInslip keep valuables protected, it greatly reduces the risk of dropping your phone. Let’s be honest, your phone will most likely be in your hand throughout the tailgate and after all that spinach dip and greasy foods you ate, you’re going to have slippery fingers that will enhance the risk of dropping your phone. For an accessory that’s only $24.99 and the cost to fix cracked screens is $100-$150 at least, the HidInslip is worth it.

Not buying it? SquareTrade®’s 2014 Superbowl Survey reported 23 million Americans have damaged their phones while watching a sporting event and revealed the top five sporting spectator gadget accidents :

  1. The standard drop: device dropped from hand – 33%
  2. Liquid drops, the most common of which are toilet drops, sweat and water spills – 18%-- Ew, in the toilet!! Just get a HidInslip already!
  3. Beer drops - devices dropped in beer –13%
  4. Passion drops: devices thrown in anger or excitement - 12%
  5. Bar drop: devices falling from a bar or table - 8%

HidInslip allows you to freely cheer on your favorite team whether it’s before, during or after the game without worry. BONUS- you’ll have your hands free to participate in all tailgating activities such as corn hole, beer pong, food buffet, etc.


If Inslip were to be a football team, their team name would be the “Grippers.” Get it? Because they grip the football?

Oh, get a grip, it was punny!!


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