Stocking Stuffers with Inslip

Ahh, November. The second it becomes November 1 the Halloween decorations are thrown into storage and the Starbucks’ holiday cups come out. We don’t even get a full day to switch gears!

Do you have your Hallmark movies cued up, your ten boxes of hot cocoa stored in the pantry, and holiday decorations out?

Yeah, we thought so.


While you begin decorating for the holiday season, we’ve curated five reasons why Inslip and HidInslips make the best stocking stuffers for your family this year.

1. If the Inslip and HidInslip fits…

The product can easily fit into a stocking! While it might have a small appearance, it is also strong and durable.

2. You can stuff even more items in their stocking

If they are on the nice list, fill up your HidInslip with little gifts such as headphones, gift cards, cash, lipsticks, fidget spinners, or Santa’s cookies. The more gifts that are in the stocking, the happier your family member will be!

3. You can gift it for any personality type!

Not everyone likes the same color! With the wide range of Inslip colors available, you can stuff a stocking for any personality type. Whether they like blue, black, pink—you name it!  


4. It’s a gift that also benefits the gift-giver!

Do you have a family member or significant other that is constantly losing their valuables? The HidInslip, a hidden minimalist wallet, can hide all of their valuables and gift cards while they drink eggnog with friends! It really is a gift for both of you— You will be stress-free knowing they won’t lose anything later and they will be happy they got a cool new tech accessory gift!

Do you hate carrying all of your valuables and pass them along to your family member or significant other to carry for you? They’ll be happy to carry your stuff if it lightens their load! Win, win!

5. You won’t break the bank

The holiday season is supposed to be fun! It’s not a time to get upset with your piggy bank. The Inslip and HidInslip are affordable gifts that will keep you in good standing with your piggy bank and family!




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