What is an Inslip® and a HidInSlip®?

Two successful Kickstarter campaigns, started with these videos.

Inslip® is a comfortable strap for ANY phone or tablet. An elastic strap that securely attaches to ANY phone, case, and tablet. 

HidInslip® the most intuitive minimalist wallet to hit the market ever! Keep your important things together and with you all the time! Less than minimalist, HidInslip® eliminates your wallet with a secure replacement on you phone!

Strength and comfort make Inslip® the right product to secure your device to your hand. The original sharkskin has gone to an equally non-slip cell skin, sharkskin is still used with HidInslip® and Inslip Tablet.

Now introducing color, the lycra clothed neoprene Inslips® do not have the non-slip feature yet, soon they will be coated with a unique silicone patten to give color the same non-slip feature as the original Inslip®.